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Serbian Herpetological Society “Milutin Radovanović” was founded in 2007, at the time when experienced affirmed and young prosperous experts gathered around the idea of herpetofaunal research in the Balkans. Our main goals are field research of batracho- and herpetofauna and population studies of several reptilian species. The other important aim is education and raising the public awareness of the diversity and importance of amphibian and reptilian species in the Balkans. At the moment, the Society has 19 members. Our main activities are population and taxonomic studies of snakes and tortoises in Serbia, FYR of Macedonia and Montenegro. We participate in similar research in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. the Republic of Srpska. We established the fruitful cooperation with our colleagues from almost all former Yugoslav republics, and with herpetologists from France, Italy and other Western European countries. This cooperation includes the exchange of knowledge and experiences, concerning field work and scientific publications. All who except the aims and statute of the Society are welcome to join us. The membership candidate is obliged to provide his/her biography and specific interests for joining the Society. 

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